I’ve Moved

I’m switching to blogger. 🙂

But this wordpress won’t be deleted.

Goodbye my dear wordpress. I’ll be back if I’m bored with blogger. HEHE!

You’re worth my time

~ Bittersweet memories-cum-crazy moments. This was taken back in 2007 or 2008 @ Sentosa. I can’t recall. Lol. ~

It’s our 40th today! Alhamdullilah. 🙂

Well, let me write a short dedication on this special day.

I believe in spending life with who makes you happy, not who you’ve to impress. Let me share a bit on my love life.

1) My bf isn’t really that kind of romantic bf. Not good at surprises, whispering sweet-nothings…bla…bla…bla…

2) We rarely go on romantic dates such as candle-light dinner, go to hotel have lunch/dinner, etc. We prefer going to normal hawker center or Banquet will be fine. hehe!

3) We rarely go on movie dates. Prolly once in 4mths? Movie marathon? Na-uh, we think it’s a wate of money…hahaha…

4) He don’t pamper me with gifts or branded stuffs. Though shopping makes me happy, but spending my bf’s money is the same as living off him. Thus, I rather use my own hard-earned money. I’m not a spoiled gf, mind you! 🙂

5) We don’t really look lovey-dovey when we go out except for just holding hands. Cause we try to avoid hugging or kissing in the public. Com’on, eyes are everywhere. You don’t need PDA (Public Display Affection) to express your love. *winkz*

6) Some boyfriends go to the extend of sending the girlfriends back home right to the doorstep. If only time permits, only then my bf would do that. He doesn’t have bike nor car(maybe in the future, Insyallah!) but I seriously don’t mind cause I’m not a transport-minded kinda girl. hehe!

7) He don’t really dress up nicely or act like a truly gentleman like any other guys so that he can impress me. He is for who he is.

All in all, what I’m trying to say here is happiness is not continuously chasing what you want, but the realisation of what you already have.

We are simple-minded couple but we do have our ambitions and goals. So we don’t really bother about what people think or talk about us.

I want a someone who comes into my life by accident and stays on purpose. & that’s exactly happened to me. 🙂

Happy 40months Anniversary, Mohamed Fayzel Bin Md Sulaiman!


Seeing people change isn’t what hurts. What hurts is remembering who they used to be and they’ll never be the same again.

So do people change for the better or worst?


Bumpy June

It’s finally July and I’m so glad the new month is here. Something which would motivate me not to give up at the very least, for now I must say. Well, I hope things will turn out better.

June was a pretty bad month for me as series of unfortunate events fell into places. But trying to be optimistic as possible, whatever happens, it’s a blessing in disguise. I strongly believe, Insya’Allah, God has set aside something better for me to look forward to.

Thanks to beloved friends and boyfie for their endless support and concern. Love you earthlings!  :))

Last but not least,

Chocolate Chewy Malt with ♄


Shopping (More at Mango since there’re having up to 70% sale..hehe!), dine-in Swensen/Season, home-made satay cucuk+bakar on the spot @ mum’s place. ALL in one day achieved at JayBee. We simply love it! *wide smile*

Why, Oh Why?

This week seems to pass by so slow. But while at work, the hours seem to pass by damn fast. Contradictive? Yes, much. Prolly due to the workload. Anyway, my honeymoon period at work is over. *sobs* I can no longer go back home on the dot. Furthermore, we are short of manpower. It’s already been going on for the past 2 weeks. The latest I end work is at 9.00pm+. The worst thing ever imagine is having to wake up at 6am the next day. And the cycle goes on for every 5 days a week.

Luckily, the bunch of colleagues I have are those not the serious type ones(even though we are in corporate wear). LOL! After office hours, sometimes our Boss-cum-Director treat us to supper and we have it in comfort of our office. Hmmm prolly one of the reaons why I’m still surviving at work. hehe!

On a brighter note, there’ll be new staffs coming in next week. All of us are keeping our fingers crossed that they’ll pick up the skills fast so that they can lighten our workload. With that, a big possibility we can go back home in time! YEAHHHHH!!!

And ohhhh, little did I expect, I’ll be having a good friend of mine who’s joining me soon at my workplace. Guess who, guess who??? My darling Aishah aka my moppy friend! hahaha…we shall see more of each other in the office soon, okays? No more selling grapes at home ehk babe? hehehe…Congrats once again for getting the job! Welcome aboard to the RP family!

You know, one of my managers was telling me this yesterday in the office when she got to know that one of the new staffs is my friend.

3 golden rules to bear in mind:

1) Do not take leave together.

2) Do not take MC together.

3) Do not go lunch together.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! We were laughing like hell in the office when she actually said that. Well, whatever it is, I’m glad that Aishah got the job. We’ll be colleagues again for 2 consecutive times. LOL!

Anyway, this month will be packed of activities. I’m all hyped up cause it’s the only way I can de-stress myself from work. hehe!

Firstly, the 3 days 2 nights Genting trip is confirmed and it’s happening in 2 weeks time. Yipeeeee! I’ll be going with all my colleagues and the department will close down for the weekends. I guess HR has approved our request. hahaha!

Secondly, the day before we depart for our short getaway, we’ll have dinner at Hyatt, Straits Kitchen. My colleague has already booked for 10 pax. My first ever dine-in there after so long wanting to go but had no chance to.

Thirdly, is the Batam trip with the colleagues again. This time round is sponsored by one of the travel agents. So basically, we’ll have a complimentary stay at Harris Resort Batam, even the ferry tickets are being paid for. hehehe very syiok ah!

Ahhhhhh…the advantages of being a hotelier. Me likeyyyy! hahahaha! Hopefully dearest Aishah can tag along too. Pretty please, persuade your mum, k? Trust me, it’s gonna be a happening one! 🙂

Last of all, I don’t know why I got so happy & excited at work yesterday when I got to know I was on the phone with the Assistant Producer of Eaglevision. hahaha!  And more excited when I got to know that Kak Shaemah is the Assistant Producer for Anugerah Skrin.

The best thing of all is that she even told me to email her if I want any free tickets to her show which is Anugerah Skrin.

“Berapa banyak ticket adk nak, blang Kak Shaemah je k? Email me. “

Honestly speaking, I am never a big fan of Anugerah Skrin and all. Not a single episode have I ever watch it. But media industry has always been my interest. When like having to deal with media people, I can get all sexcited. LOL!

And yesterday at work, I emailed Norman’s(KRU) wife regarding her reservation of room. They are invited for the Anugerah Skrin show & Norman KRU is staying over at our hotel which is Mediacorp is sponsoring. hehehe…alright, I guess I have revealed too much info. Enough said. Not good, not good. :p

I hope tonight will turn out good. Cause I’m waiting for dearest sis & bro-in-law to come back so that I can borrow the car. Happy weekends!

Truth or Dare?

Wed-date with beloved gfs! It’s great to see the four of us gather again despite the tight schedule. It was mine and Sahirah’s Darling off day so we took this chance to meet after dearest Mira and Wani ended work. We satisfied Mira’s “craving” to watch Shrek Forever. LOL! And so Vivo, it was.

Dinner(Fried Kway Teow Cockles) and dessert(Chocolate Fondant=Yummy!) at rooftop where we had a game of Truth or Dare. OMG, every one went frenzy over the game and had the hell fun of it! All got sexcited over the dares that we had to do. But as for Wani, she got all tensed up. hehehe! 😛

Anyway, I had a helluva awesome time with these chickies. Ahakz! Kick ass laughter all the way! Honestly speaking, they’re my happy pills for de-stress. 🙂

And oh, there’s an incident which got me supper pissed off yesterday. This is my status currently at my fb so you’ll get an idea what was the incident all about.

“Irritates the hell out of me when ignorant/arrogant drivers don’t give way to me. The more I accelerate, the more you accelerate. I want to overtake, you follow suit. WTH! Especially if it’s from our own race, MALAY. Sombong nak mampus mentang2 kereta 7-seater! Well, you’re not the only one with license okay! Stupid driver, enough said!”

After work, I had supper with beloved bf & mum. First to Lau Pa Sat, then to Bedok Corner. It’s been some time I had a late night drive outs with bf so I was elated when my sister gave me green light to use the car. heeee… 🙂

So as usual, bf would drive himself back to Bedok and I would drive myself back home to Jurong. And this was when the incident got me frigging irritated. There was this Honda Stream or Toyota wish car(whatever it is, all I know it’s a 7-seater car) which simply didn’t want to give way to me(cause I wish to change lane) despite I gave signal umpteen times. “Lain lah kalau aku tak signal langsung…betul tak?”

What pissed me off further is, the more I sped up, the more the driver sped up. When I wanted to overtake a slow-moving vehicle, he did the same thing. I didn’t know what’s the purpose of him doing that lor. Don’t think female drivers can be bullied! Tell me, who would not be frustrated?!

Furthermore, it was a Malay who was driving at that point of time, with the makciks2 tudung at the back of the car. “Itula bangsa kita…lebih sikit je nak bangga, mcm road tu BAPAK dia yg punya…! Sombong nak mampus!”

Seriously, I’m sure most of you drivers out there have ever encounter over this before. I’m keeping my cool now. Perhaps I should place one hockey stick in the car in case things get out of hands. HAHAHAHA!



No..No, not that Survivor Tv serials that I’m referring to! However, it’s my version of Survivor. hahaha! It’s already the 3rd week that I survived working. Alhamdullilah to that and kudos to me! Waking up to 8am-6pm job daily ain’t easy task for me. Trust me it was a struggle for me on the 1st week. Mata boleh koyak orh, hali2 bangun pagi! LOL! And frankly speaking, I never fancy wearing formal wear. Since we’re considered as one of the management staffs, we have to be in smart attire at all times cause at times we have to attend meetings, courses, seminars etc.

And thanks to my current job, now I need to source out for more office wear. I even bought 2 coats/blazers for work purposes. Soon, I need to buy a black heels. Sigh. All my life, I only wear heels during festive occassions. Apart from that, I rarely wear them. It’s NEVER under my favourite list. Even dearest bf doesn’t like me to be in heels. Boohoo!

How’s work if you ask me? If only I were a billionaire!  hahaa! As early as 8am, I’m already at Town area. So friends if you were to ask me on a date, pretty pls avoid Orchard for shopping. I think I’m sick and tired of facing Orchard 5 days a week. LOL! Well, if you were to ask any ordinary person who work office hours, he/she will sing in the same tune. Office hours is good to an extent; no need to work on public holidays, sat & sun permanent off. Yeah that I gotta agree! But it’s a mundane daily routine and so it can be pretty boring too.

So here I am on a bright Sunday=noworkday, the only time I’m free to update my wordpress. heee! Okay, work aside.

Anyway, it’s nice meeting up with dearest gfs, Sahirah Babe and Wani Darling after work last Thursday. All of us randomly last minute wanna have a meet up. I’m glad Sahirah Babe is happy now with her new job at Marina Bay Sands. A great start of her new career. We maybe in the same industry but different hotels. *winks*

As Wani Darling, it’s been some time I meet her. I really do miss this lady here. So when we met up for catching up session last Thursday, we had a great laugh and awesome talk. A fantastic way to relieve stress for the 3 of us after a tough day at work. As what they claimed, I was in the craziest mode among them on that day. Really meh??? hahaha… 🙂

Hmmm…family wise, I only get to see my precious ones, Baby Aydin and Baby Iffah during my sister’s off day. Oh my lovely babies, pls don’t grow up too fast! Baby Aydin is getting chubbier and now he’s starting on his baby talk. Da pandai ajak org bergurau…senyum la, ketawa la…geram jeee! hahaha…Baby Iffah as usual with her naughty antics and loves to disturb her lil baby brother. I think we all know that she’s jealous at times when we put all our attention on Baby Aydin. Ahakz! She’ll try all her means to catch our attention like trying to manja-manja with us. LOL!

Mata banyak bulat! Pipi banyak tembam! Geram tak??? LOL

Reality Check

My 3 wonderful gfs (including Wani-not in the picture) who never failed to give me their endless support & encouragements. Despite the time constraint, we try our best to meet up whenever we can. That’s what friends are for no matter how busy we are in our individual lives. *wide smile*

P.S: And to our dearest Aishah, we miss you friend.

Tak ada manusia
Yang terlahir sempurna
Jangan kau sesali
Segala yang telah terjadi

‘There’s no man on this earth who is born perfect. However, never once you regret for whatever happens.’

Kita pasti pernah
Dapatkan cobaan yang berat
Seakan hidup ini
Tak ada artinya lagi

‘Cause for sure you ever encounter a heavy downfall till to the extent you feel that life is meaningless for you to live on.’

Syukuri apa yang ada
Hidup adalah anugerah
Tetap jalani hidup ini
Melakukan yang terbaik

‘Be grateful/thankful  for what you have cause life is a gift from God. Always lead your life, giving your very best.’

Tuhan pasti kan menunjukkan
Kebesaran dan kuasanya
Bagi hambanya yang sabar
Dan tak kenal putus asa

‘The Almighty God will reward to those who are patient and never give up.’

These are the people (besides the family & beloved bf) who have become a part in my life. Thank you so much ladies for you have made my life much more meaningful. 🙂

 Now, the time has come. I know sooner or later it has to end. And so, I’ve to bid farewell to my carefree life. No more waking up late, sleeping late. Well, reality check it’s time for serious work. But Alhamdullilah, on a happy note, me & dearest gf secured a permanent job after much patience. That explains the emo entry above. LOL!

Coincidently, me & gf signed the employment of letter on the same day which was yesterday and speaking of which we gonna start work on the same day too. hahaha! We’re counting down hours to our official non-carefree life. Ugh! I’m praying hard that everything will go smoothly on our first day of work. Insya’Allah, Amin!

We made a pact that no matter how busy bees we’re gonna be in the future with work, sch or whatsover, we’ll surely find a day to let down our hair! 🙂

Before I end off, I would like to wish in advance, Happy 38-Monthsary to our gila-gila journey of loveship! May Allah S.W.T bless this r’shp & guide us through sorrows and joys. I love you, Mr Fay! 😉

Don’t worry, Be happy

Hmmm let me check when was the last time since I update my wordpress. Okay 2nd March 2010 and now it’s like 2nd May 2010??? Exacty the whole two straight months as of today. Wow a break record for me! LOL. But don’t worry I’m still kicking alive and bubbly as ever. hehe. I think I’m more active in FB. Or should I say I’m more involved in family commitments recently till I’ve no time in hands to update. Closed gfs would know. hahaha!

Well, does it really make any difference if I were to update or not? Is there any reader in the first place? Wa’allahualam…Ahakz… 😛

Well, obviously a series of events happen during these period of time. Be it happy or sad moments. But so far so good, life can’t get any better than this. Been spending much time with the loved ones; family,bf & closed gfs. I realised at times it’s better to keep it low on what’s happening in our daily lives, rather than you go indulging much info(publicly) to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes. LOW PROFILE that is. 🙂

So enough said, let me save my breath. Here’s just a brief happenings on the past two months.

Attended a relative’s wedding @ Batam.

My virgin baking session with the darlings gfs. 🙂

And it was a successful one! Yummy chocolate mudpie cupcakes!

The one who brings so much laughter in this family. =)

Look, Baby Aydin is soooo irresistably cute! 🙂

Baby Aydin’s cukur rambur – 25.04.2010

A mini family affair. Closed relatives & friends came including beloved bf. (Thanks for the help too, bf. hehe!)

UNGU Mega Concert on 24.04.2010. VIP Pass holders. Wheeeeee!

Memorable purple night for us ladies!

Food & drinks specially for us @ the VIP lounge after the concert. However we didn’t eat coz we were too sexcited to meet Pasha. HAHAHAHAH! 🙂

Last but not least, I remember rambling in my few past entries during the bf had his exam period. Alhamdullilah, thanks to the Almighty, he managed to pass/clear all his modules and continue his year 3. I’m so proud of him! Fret not, I’ll continue praying for him so that he can complete his diploma in time. Insya’Allah, Amin! 🙂

And oh yes, we turned the big 3=36mths two months back. And again, Alhamdullilah for that. I think that’s about it. Life can’t get any better than this. See you around! 🙂


Mini ferris wheel. Beloved bf was in another capsule so from afar he took my pic with my Ms Canon. hehe. : P

A short entry on our outdated outing. During Valentines Day eve, me & the bf decided to make our way down to Escape Themepark since I had free tickets. Well, it was DAMN boring coz there wasn’t much exciting games to play. They closed the most thrilling ones(mostly the tunggang tembalik games..lol) like the indoor roller coaster, the inverter & the cadbury. Pretty disappointing though. And so we played the viking boat & go-kart most of the times and only went to the “rumah hantu” once. But we did still enjoy ourselves. haha. The inside of the “rumah hantu” was so dark. I closed my eyes and held onto bf’s hand tightly all the way. Hehe like romantic gitu loh…I didn’t even know what I am scared of. Dearest bf kept laughing at me and even said, “Namanya badan besar..tapi penakut!” Thanks ehk syg…ni bukan penakut tapi segan. HAHAHA! I admit I have a weak heart. LOL.

Our day started off with a climax. After the visit to the ghost house, we went on board the viking boat. Me being the oh-so-confident girl, I suggested to bf to sit at the very end of corner and confidently told him that we won’t feel the swinging pressure too much. Guess what? I was so wrong la. hahaha. The moment the viking boat swing to its maximum point, both bf & me shouted like nobody’s business. LMAO. I didn’t expect my sayang to be that scared. hehe. But seriously, the aftermath was that both our legs turned ‘jelly-like’ & our heads were spinning like gasing. ahakz!

The above picture was taken after the one hell of a ride. Yes, bf & I were smiling away but only God knows how our jantung like want to tercabut like that. HAHAHA! However that didn’t stop us from taking the viking boat again. hahaha. After a few rides, the tension faded away slowly & we enjoyed the thrill. Instead of shouting, we were laughing away. Weird but I truly enjoyed that moment. I really love his company. He’s seen the worst & best of me, and I’ve seen his.  That’s why I love my fat cat so much. *winkz*

Next, we took a ride on the go-kart. Or I should say multiple rides. hehe. Coz we love to race with each other so much. Challenge sana, challenge sini. There was even this friendly boy who made “friends” with bf. The boy said to bf, “Bang, jgn kalahkan perempuan ehk. Lawan sama dia!” It means don’t lose out to a woman. Macam aku nak keluarkan je driving license aku, tunjuk tu budak, then ckp, “Eh dik, mahu race pe?” Abang ada lesen, akak pun ada lesen. LOL. hahaha so funny! At times, we need to relive the childish moments and enjoy them. 🙂

Anyway, last Sunday me & my darling gfs, Sahirah and Aishah went for a dip at Wild Wild Wet. Met up in the morning, long journey from Jurong to Pasir Ris and had McD breakfast at White Sands before proceeding to Downtown East. It was uber fun! Madness time with the ladies! haha. I don’t wanna waste my free tickets which expired on 1st March(happens to be the last day on that last Sunday) so I asked them along. From lazy pool to Ular-lah to Tsunami to Jacuzzi. ahakz!

I hesitated initally to take the Ular-lah. Scared for no reason la. LOL. But I wouldn’t want to be a wet blanket so I just gave it a shot. First trial, I did have my fair shair of shouting. haha pity Sahirah Darling coz I literally shouted at her ears. hehe sorry babe! Second attempt, much better, less shrieking. ahakz. The Ular-lah reminds me of Hi-5 @ Fantasy Island(used to be @ Sentosa but now closed down) which I ever took. 

Oh wells, I got bullied most of the time by the girls. What a sad life. hahaha! Both Sahirah & Aishah are swimmers, only me is a non-swimmer. I was with my float all the way. hehe. Mentang-mentang la aku tak boleh swim. They kept pushing me to the deeper water & I would retaliate back by shouting, cursing etc until they let me off. Very the memalukan! hahaha. But they did still do take care of me in a way or another, like giving me assurance and stuffs. hehe. No pictures taken though coz noone brought any cameras along for a reason. It was inconvenient unless it’s a waterproof cam.

Right now, my face and hands all sunburnt. My body is aching all over especially my arm part. It somehow restricted my movements. Worst, I feel a burning sensation on my skin. Thus, after shower, I need to apply moisturizer every now and then. GOSH, I’m getting darker/tanned and I hate it. I look like a red nose reindeer with rosy cheeks while Sahirah Darling is a red lobster. TSK! So how bout you, Sha? hahahaha.

Thank you my dear babes, Sahirah & Aishah for the gerek, Wild & Wet day! Sorry I turned down your free swmming lessons. HAHAHAHA! 🙂

Oh, I miss my fat cat bf so much! It’s been more than a week since I last met him due to his exam period. I’m not complaining but worried much. I hope he won’t stress out himself too much. Later at 4pm today, he’s having his paper. Insya-Allah he can do it. I just pray the best for him. Good luck, Sayang and doa banyak-banyak okay! Let’s get your exams done and over with, then we can say hello to your HOLIDAYS! hehe.  🙂

Last of all, it’s confirmed that I’m going off to Batam this Friday with the parents to attend my relative’s wedding which will be held on the very next day, Saturday. Will only be back on Sunday night. Prolly bringing along my Ms Canon. I’ll try to take snapshots of the wedding tradition & culture in Batam. Spending my weekends in Batam. Weeee….